Welcome to the Adams Design Group


The Adams Design Group, LLC is a minority-owned architecture firm that provides services including, but not limited to, traditional architecture, space planning, master planning and programming, facility assessments and facility support services, and construction administration services for a diverse clientele, including educational; recreational and community oriented; faith-based; commercial and retail; civic and institutional.


In May 2010, Derrick A. Adams founded the ADG, during an economic recession. Adams having been laid-off from a previous firm and with the encouragement of his wife and partner, he founded the ADG out of necessity to his family and his clients.

Not having the capital to start a traditional architecture firm, Adams started the firm as a virtual firm with staff members working remotely and grew the firm through old and new relationships – collaboration and strategic partnerships to leverage resources and services for new and existing clients. In some ways, he was ahead of the curve, a visionary in the practice of architecture so in 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic covered the world, the ADG was established in “distance working”.

Adams founded the firm on the belief that the practice of architecture is not only a vocation which delivers a product, but a service as well. Architects are problem solvers above all else, that provide design solutions to problems that exist within the natural and man-made environments that surround us, so that humanity can interact effectively within those environments and with each other.

Quality People

“Quality people coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” (Henry Ford).

To create highly functional teams, we believe in bringing the best people together to make a successful project. For us, this is an integrated process where the client is a co-designer working closely with our team of architects and engineers. Projects take time to complete, so it is best to have not only talented people who can get the job done, but also people who can connect and interact well within a team environment. Being the best is not only a measure of a person’s talent but also their character. Decency, dignity, and integrity are qualities that we look for in the people who work for us and subsequently work for you.

Quality Service

Quality service is important in today’s highly competitive economy. There is no shortage of service providers that deliver the same products and services. To distinguish ourselves, we provide quality service that is responsive to our client’s needs with attention to detail.

Manners still matter. Oftentimes, clients will remember the quality of the service they received and the customer experience above the product itself.

Strong Relationships

Building strong relationships with our team and our clients are paramount to a successful project. By forging strong relationships with our consultants, we collaborate to create design solutions for our clients. By building strong relationships with our clients, we are able to understand their wants and needs and the strength of our connection creates an amiable environment that helps in achieving the project goals.

Quality Design

“Every building or space should be designed with the intent of being an award winner. If not, at least design a place that gives the user something by which to remember it.” (Derrick Adams)

Each building is unique and has its own set of special circumstances, so it shouldn’t be a product of a cookie cutter approach. Although we believe in quality design, we believe that quality design extends beyond the aesthetics and into the functionality and sustainability of the space. Quality design should emphasize sustainability for the environment as well as for the maintenance staff.


Whenever we undertake a project, we build a strong relation with the client based on mutual trust and confidence.


Clients trust us not just because of the quality of our work but also the reliability of our services.

“Every building or space should be designed with the intent of being an award winner. If not, at least design a place that gives the user something to remember it by.”

- Derrick Adams